Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finding the best Mothers Day gift

mothers jewelry
Finding your mom the perfect Mothers Day gift to let her know how you feel seems to get more and more difficult every year. There are just so many occasions in our busy lives that it’s just plain overwhelming at times.

Not only does she not need anything, she also won’t give any type of clue about what she might need, or might want. But then, Mother’s Day is not supposed to be about what your mom needs or wants, now is it?

Christmas and birthdays are always easier occasions to find gifts for, as you can always wrap up a nice jacket, sweater, or even a kitchen gadget or other household implement. But these items just don’t seem appropriate for Mother’s Day. Standard gifts for Mother’s Day consist of either flowers or candy, but in reality, gifts like these don’t really last, so they can’t be considered gifts from the heart.

Mother’s Day should involve a lot more thought and consideration to convey the love and gratitude you have for the person that carried you into this life. A gift that was just picked up at the checkout lane at the local grocery store during your routine weekly shopping trip simply won’t do.

When Mother’s Day was officially declared a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson back in 1914, giving your mom a white carnation and a simple thank you on this day would have been a novel and well-appreciated gesture. Nowadays, over $16.4 billion are spent annually on Mother’s Day gifts in the United States alone, all in an effort to convey this same gratitude and love.

But Mother’s Day should really be more than just a thank you to mom. Sure, it’s a day that serves as a personal recognition of mothers, but it’s also a celebration of the mother-child relationship which each of us are an essential part of. So how do you show your love and appreciation and express your unique, personal bond with your mother?

Perhaps this year you could buy her a piece of jewelry that has your birthstone, and the birthstones of your siblings on it. A mothers birthstone ring or pendant seems to be a much more personable gift, and it would probably mean a lot more to your mom, not only as an expression of love from all her children, but as a display of her love and pride in them as well. offers an extensive line of mother’s jewelry in classic Black Hills Gold and Silver by the original Black Hills jewelry manufacturer, Landstroms. At you’ll find a beautiful selection of quality hand-made Mother’s Day gift ideas, from heart-shaped jewelry to a beautiful selection of mothers rings and necklaces, and jewelry
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Nothing say’s ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You’ and ‘I Appreciate You’ quite like a gift of Landstroms Black Hills Gold mothers jewelry. Buy Black Hills Gold for your mom today, and Happy Mothers Day this coming May!