Thursday, June 23, 2011

Landstroms Black Hills Gold Necklaces


Necklaces are one of the oldest traditions of mankind, dating as far back to the Stone Age. That tradition has flourished over the thousands of years and today decorations such as necklaces, anklets, and many other body decorations are heavily used to express beliefs, status and rank, or just as an adornment.


Little do most people know about the various forms of necklaces:
  • there is the bib necklace, which is a necklace made of several rows of pearls
  • the choker (14-16 inches long), which as the name implies wraps closely around the neck
  • the princess, matinee and opera necklaces, each defined by their respective lengths of 18-20, 22-23 and 30-35 inches long
  • the Sautoir necklace, which is greater than 35 inches in length and also referred to as a rope necklace
  • the lariat necklace, which is an endless strand without closure often wrapped around the neck several times.


Black Hills Gold is not a style of necklace, it's a style of American jewelry made in South Dakota which incorporates pink and green grape leaves and grape clusters and vines in each design. Combining gold with copper makes the pink color, while the delicate green color is achieved by adding sterling silver with gold. Landstroms is the oldest manufacturer of Black Hills Gold jewelry, and the original.

Visit our informative blog post for more on the history of Black Hills Gold.

Though Landstroms makes and assortment of traditional Black Hills Gold necklaces, their specialty is in the design of a vast number of pendants in Black Hills Gold and sterling silver, with gemstones, diamonds - even Swarovski crystals - depicting a variety of themes. From silver snowflake pendants to gold hummingbird pendants, to simple grape leaf designs that characterize the lore and history of the Black Hills.


Following is just a sampling of the types of Black Hills Gold necklaces and pendants available from Landstroms Original Black Hills Gold.

Traditional Necklaces

Black Hills Gold necklaceLandstroms sweet and simple traditional necklaces feature classic styling with single strands of 12 karat Black Hills Gold leaves, either in-line or graciously dangled. An essential for every lady about the town.

Heart NecklacesBlack Hills Gold heart pendant

This selection of Landstroms heart pendants includes traditional and contemporary designs which will never go out of style. From classic, jeweled mother's pendants to light and lively hummingbirds in hearts, a Black Hills Gold heart necklace makes a timeless gift, and Landstroms offers hearts for every sense of taste.

Black Hills Gold key pendantKey Pendants

A timeless key heart pendant can make a most memorable gift as a key and heart pendant is recognized as a symbol of everlasting love. Regardless of your age, you'll feel beautiful inside wearing a Landstroms key pendant, and the shine in your eyes will show it.

Cross NecklacesBlack Hills Gold cross necklace

Show your faith or wear as a personal reminder of sacrifice. These Black Hills Gold cross necklaces by Landstroms are each hand-crafted with exquisite workmanship. Cross pendants are made from 10 karat Black Hills Gold or .925 sterling Black Hills Silver with traditional 12 karat Black Hills Gold leaves, and come with complimentary chains.

Black Hills journey necklaceJourney Necklaces

A Journey Necklace, or Journey Pendant is worn to show how far you’ve come in your life with that special person in your life, or to show your commitment to a future together. The gentle curved shape represents the ebbs and flows of life, the good times and bad that you have faced together, while the graduating stones symbolize your ever-growing love and devotion.

Landstroms Black Hills Gold Journey Necklaces come in both five and seven stone versions with cubic zirconia, as well as genuine sapphire and rubies. The Sapphire Journey Pendant is also available with both Sapphires and CZ.

Snowflake NecklacesBlack Hills silver snowflake necklace

You'll warm up your winter days with these glistening Black Hills Gold and silver snowflake necklaces, snowman pendants and other wonderful jewelry of the season. Many of these pieces also have matching earrings.

Black Hills Silver hummingbird pendantAnimal Necklaces

Available in Black Hills Gold and gold on silver, each piece in Landstrom's selection of Black Hills Gold horse necklaces, hummingbird necklaces and butterfly necklaces is sure to be noticed. You can also select from Black Hills Gold dragonfly necklaces, frog pendants, dolphin pendants, dog pendants and more. Many of these pieces also have matching wildlife earrings.

LocketsBlack Hills Gold locket

For Mothers Day or Valentines Day or to celebrate any special day, a beautiful Black Hills Gold or sterling Black Hills Silver locket from Landstroms will keep you close to that special person's heart.

No matter which style of necklace or pendant you prefer, when you wear beautiful pieces of jewelry it shows, and few will help but notice your charming Black Hills Gold or silver necklace as it dangles below your sparkling eyes.