Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for her

Valentines gift image

Valentine’s day has been the subject of legends, traditions, medieval plays, rhymes and poems for many centuries and today it still buzzes through our society every February. This year why not will make Valentine’s Day the best yet and memorable for both of you?
Here’s an idea that is sure to add that extra touch to a special day. Assuming that you both work regular hours, suggest to her that you have a special happy hour around 5:30 or 6:00 pm. Of course, you already arranged for a nice bouquet of flowers to be delivered earlier that day.

When that time arrives, relax and have a nice glass of wine and just talk away the day’s events. At 6:30 pm your limousine arrives to whisk you away to that favorite local restaurant you save for special occasions right on time for your 7:00 pm. reservation.

Once at the restaurant, you get comfortable, maybe order an appetizer, have a nice bottle of wine with dinner and then it’s time to present her with a gift, preferably a piece of beautiful jewelry.

Then onto dessert, maybe some coffee, the relaxing limo ride home… and there’s still time for wherever the wind takes you.
We're moving into late January, so it’s time to hustle but you can still get it done! Here are the steps to make your Valentine’s Day event a success with the least amount of time and effort.
  1. Restaurant – call today to make your reservation! You can save money by checking first at but do it now, February 14th is less than a month away!
  2. Flowers – save time, call FTD at 888-580-8448 today and order your flowers, get it done!
  3. Limousine – you can easily schedule a limo online through various services such as This may be a little pricey so you can skip this step and use your own vehicle (or have a single friend chauffeur you).
  4. Jewelry – our suggestion: a beautiful Black Hills Gold heart pendant, made in America since 1878 by Landstroms Original Black Hills Gold.
The main thing to do is to plan ahead so that when the day comes you can both relax. It’s supposed to be an enjoyable, relaxing and fun evening. So anything you can do, such as selecting your clothes in advance, getting an early start, and keeping her in the loop (except for the surprises!) will help to make your special evening one that you will both remember.

Check out this video of Landstroms Black Hills Gold Valentines jewelry on YouTube: