Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's almost October so it's time for some Rose Zircon!

rose zircon earrings photo
While the American Gem Society recognizes both the Opal and Pink Tourmaline as the official genuine birthstones of October, lab - created* Rose Zircon is a brilliant stone which offers a less expensive alternative.

Being a fairly hard stone, Rose Zircon can be faceted and polished to a brilliant luster, and has superb clarity with few inclusions, making it a perfect choice for birthstone jewelry.

description of lab-created gemstones

With October just around the corner, why not treat your self to this beautiful pair of Rose Zircon earrings made by Landstroms-? These earrings are made from .925 sterling silver and feature winding silver grapevines surrounding 10x5 millimeter Rose Zircon stone.

Topped off by 12 karat pink and green Black Hills Gold leaves, these earrings offer the best quality gold on silver craftsmanship available. Find them online at: