Sunday, August 30, 2009

Landstroms introduces line of inexpensive Vermeil Black Hills Gold

cheap Black Hills Gold
In an effort to help make owning authentic, quality, Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry a reality for many people In this time of economic uncertainty, Landstroms has just introduced their lower priced line of Black Hills Gold Vermeil jewelry.

Landstroms Vermeil (pronounced: ver•may) jewelry is hand crafted in .925 sterling silver, plated with 24 karat Black Hills Gold. The grape clusters, infinity symbol and accent motifs are made from 10 karat Black Hills Gold while the leaves are 12 karat. Since vermeil is made mostly of silver and not gold, it is much less expensive than solid Black Hills Gold, while retaining all of Landstroms legendary quality and unmatched appearance.

This new line is also a high quality alternative to all the low quality Black Hills Gold jewelry currently hitting the market.

Read the entire press release here:


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