Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Landstroms catalog of Black Hills Gold!

Landstroms Catalog

With the thousands of items Landstroms has made over the years, it would be quite an expensive and arduous task to create a catalog with everything ever made in it. So the only catalog Landstroms currently has available for purchase is generally meant for dealers and though it has beautiful, full-color photos of Landstroms most current line, it does not include prices. If this is still something you are interested in purchasing, you can do so here: Buy Landstroms Catalog

However, now you can download and print a FREE online color catalog of everything on BlackHillsGoldSource's website in .pdf format. Though it doesn't have everything Landstroms makes, it does have everything currently on the website. And as new items are added, the catalog will update automatically and you can simply download the latest version for free any time you want.

There's also an order form on the last page if you would prefer to mail in your order. This added convenience should make it easier for you to shop for your Black Hills Gold needs.