Friday, February 25, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day facts and fun!

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Shamrocks and more

Thousands will gather on the streets on March 17th to either partake in or watch the parade, where the predominant color will be green. Have you ever thought about what the origin of the reference to green and the Shamrock might be?

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

Many know that the March 17th celebration is in honor of St. Patrick (AD 387-461) from Ireland. He was a bishop who had a rocky teenage-hood. Though he was born in Great Britain, when he was only 16 years old, he was kidnapped by the Irish and forced to become a slave in Ireland. He managed to escape, returned to Britain, and embarked on the path to becoming a priest.

In 432, he returned to Ireland as a bishop to spread the word of Christianity and convert the polytheistic Irish. That’s when the Shamrock made its way into the legend of St. Patrick: supposedly he used the three leaves of the Shamrock to explain the dogma of trinity – in Christian religion the notion of the unity of the father, the son and the holy spirit. Perhaps simplistic, but people, both then and still today, learn and understand best by illustration and demonstration.

It wasn’t until 1903 that St. Patrick’s Day became a holiday in Ireland, though another 28 years passed before the first parade took place in Dublin. However, oddly enough, the very first St. Patrick’s parade in the world happened in Boston as early as 1737! The parades not only celebrate Saint Patrick; they also became a display of the Irish culture, and in past times a political statement against the British rule of Ireland.

The Emerald Isle

Further connection between the color green and St. Patrick's day comes from Ireland's frequent rainfall, resulting in the island's lush vegetation, and earning it the nickname the Emerald Isle.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Nowadays, Irish and non-Irish alike celebrate on March 17th, with almost everyone wearing a piece of green clothing for the day. You can wear the green like everybody else, but if you think the color green doesn’t suit you well, how about a piece of jewelry reflecting the color of the day?

St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry

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Remember, everyone is a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!