Monday, July 23, 2012

Spoil Yourself This Summer with Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Summertime While winter is mostly a time for dormancy and rest, summer is all about having fun, getting outdoors and spending more waking hours living our lives. Whether we choose to enjoy summer hanging out on the beach catching a tan, picnicking with friends and family, or getting out and sipping cocktails in the evenings, we all long for this wonderful time of year for our own reasons. And when those cold winter
days return, we can still bring ourselves back to those wonderful feelings of summer with our amazing minds. Sights, sounds and smells of summer all come back as you close your eyes and imagine.


Summer breeze
The more you notice during these beautiful summer days - the more you observe, from the smell of freshly mowed grass to the sounds of the birds chirping to the feeling of the warm breeze blowing the tufts in your sun skirt - the easier it will be this winter to conjure them up and bring them back. If you're a fashionista, or just love to wear jewelry, a captivating hummingbird or butterfly necklace will certainly help bring those images of summer back when you slip it around your neck and feel it's golden summer's glow. But the time to etch those wonderful summer images into our minds is now, before the season of summer passes on to Fall!


Hummingbird necklace
Whether you are going out with the girls for a sizzling summer night on the town, or just enjoying a relaxing afternoon with some friends, it is always good to have some new gold jewelry to show off. Earrings are perhaps the most popular choice along with ankle bracelets and necklaces, but another extremely popular choice is toe rings which are ideal to wear with flip flops and sandals. At BlackHillsGoldSource, we carry a delightful selection of jewelry for summer, from darling hummingbird necklaces to lovely butterfly earrings - even jewelry with dragonflies, dolphins, horses and more. Our summertime jewelry will help etch the wonderful feeling of summer into your mind.
If you're interested in putting a little more flair into your summer with a more noticeable piece, a butterfly bracelet or butterfly ring made from 925 sterling silver with signature 12 karat Black Hills Gold leaves will surely make your day shine.


Steeped in tradition and history, Black Hills gold jewelry is the ideal choice for any occasion, especially to celebrate the change of season. Each piece is exquisitely handmade and created to bring out the best in you. You can wear these pieces with pride as you know that they have come from Landstroms, the oldest name in Black Hills Gold. Landstroms roots date back over one hundred years to 1878, during the historic times when the likes of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok roamed the streets of Deadwood in the Black Hills.


Landstroms is Made in America
With vintage designs always coming back into fashion, you can be sure that these classic pieces will always be in style and give you years of wear. They can be passed down through generations as family heirlooms and retain the same flawless beauty and charm as they have today. Made in America since the 1800's, Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry is ideal to purchase as gifts for your family and friends as a wonderful keepsake.

All in all, summer is one of the best times to find that ideal memento or keepsake, and invest in some top notch jewelry such as Black Hills Gold. Visit:

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