Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Change Of Seasons Is Here

Fall leaf
It’s late October.  Some of us feel a certain rush to still get a couple of things accomplished before winter breaks in. The yard needs to be cleaned up, a couple of paint jobs need to be done, the garden needs winterizing, the lawn cut one more time, the sprinklers blown out.

But then some of us experience a most beautiful, warm, sunny Fall, and we want to get away, go on our last camping trip, get out of town. There is just so much to do. Well, it’s important to remember to slow down, take a
breather and actually enjoy the beautiful time.  When the wind blows down my street and like to watch the colorful leaves fly through the air.  Their time has definitely come. The colors are gorgeous!

I guess the leaves are what makes me like Black Hills Gold jewelry since the pink and green leaves are used on pretty much every piece of Black Hills Gold. This one is one of my favorites, Landstroms Black Hills Gold Bracelet with Leaf Triplets - 07049:
 Black Hills Gold Bracelet
I just love the three leaves on this bracelet, but there are so many more models, I don't know which to choose!  Check it out here: http://www.blackhillsgoldsource.com/product/bracelet-07049

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