Thursday, August 8, 2013

Latest Trends in Wedding Jewelry

A Special Moment In a Woman’s Life

On that most special day every woman wants everything to be the best, including her wedding jewelry. The wedding jewelry must compliment the entire outfit and the theme of the wedding. With the changing times and the factors influencing marriage, the taste for jewelry has also changed. Though the modern woman generally prefers in vogue jewelry, the traditional and classic pieces also find a place in their hearts, and in
their jewelry box, especially if they are heirlooms like many Black Hills Gold wedding rings tend to be.

Trendy or Traditional?

Today’s bride wants to strike a balance between traditional and modern designs. Hence, light weight jewelry is quite popular. The jewelers today with their state of the art facilities focus on intricate designs on jewelry pieces to make them appear heavy without actually adding to the items overall weight. This has helped the modern bride to look gorgeous on the wedding day and also have the jewelry maintain a contemporary flair for other occasions as well. Earlier, preference was laid on gold jewelry, but now brides and their families are ready to experiment with other metals, such as sterling silver, along with precious and semi precious stones studded in them. Today’s bride is more fashion conscious and wishes to look beautiful as well as trendy in terms of wedding accessories.

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Let Your Personality Shine

In fact, many jewelers offer customers the ability to design their own bridal jewelry according to their taste and personality. Hence, women now have a freehand in not only choosing but also creating their own wedding ring. Simple yet stunning pieces of aesthetically designed jewelry are available in the market today to choose from. Lots of crystal and rhinestone jewelries are making their presence felt in the stores. Pearl, exuding elegance is a popular pick of the brides in the current times. Sometimes you can also come across dramatic neck-pieces designed with the combination of creative juices and vintage or retro designs.

Diamonds Are Still Forever

Wedding jewelry these days including the all important wedding ring are custom made these days to suit the individual’s taste and uniqueness. Hence, couples have swayed from similar looking or matching pair of wedding rings. Celtic motifs, abstract geometry and tribal patterns have become the talk of the town in terms of wedding ring designs. However, there is one such item which has stood the test of time and maintained its appeal with dignity- diamond. The diamond as the focal point in rings, necklaces and earrings is still preferred by brides to be because they add an unmatched sparkle and allure to the entire wedding attire.

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