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Does Wearing Jewelry Give You A Better Libido?

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Is Jewelry A Libido Enhancer?

The fact stays undeniable that jewelry does make one look better and beautiful but does it really act as a libido enhancer? Well, it can always act as an aphrodisiac from its aesthetic angle and so does it to unlock the floodgates of passion. After all, why wear that precious jewelry if you don’t get to take them off in that raunchy fashion and strip tease till the last piece?

Now, there are various types of jewelry that you can wear these days and Landstrom has a long range of stuff made out of Black Hills Gold and Black Hills Silver. What’s more exciting an aphrodisiac than a set of this stunning jewelry on bare skin? You hardly find a match there! Be it the pendant adorning your bosom or that anklet caressing your foot, they can work wonders to your partner’s libido indeed, if not yours directly.

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Body Jewelry

The most exciting part however begins with the different varieties of body jewelry or body piercings to be specific. You bet! The pain’s totally worth it. While usual visible piercings don’t have much effect on your libido but if you are brave enough to get one on your private parts I’m sure you will love the consequences of that bravado. If it sounds a little scary to you at first let me tell you that it’s the fastest to heal, so you need not worry about staying off the game for long. And believe you me, once healed, you may rest assure to experience a constant high on libido feeling with a Black Hills Gold ring or stud sitting pretty right on the bull’s eye, adding even more shine and spark to your sex life!

Gemstone Jewelry

Another option that would get you some mind-blowing action is of gemstones. Stones like Carnelian, Garnet, Bloodstone, Ruby, Red tiger eye and Pink tourmaline are all the ingredients that you need on you to make that sex life spicy and hot! These gems help you enhance your sexual energy and stamina for that long desired prolonged pleasure. Fluorite and Red-garnet are especially good for increasing your libido. And needless to say, when you team these sparkling lustrous gems with shining Black Hills Gold, the combo would be just deadly.

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As the popular band Beatles once sang, “…and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make…”

Ah! Careful, don’t break that bed.

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