Thursday, October 10, 2013

Choosing A Jewelry Box? Here Are A Few Pointers

Jewelry Box

Choosing a jewelry box to safely store your jewelry can require a meticulous search.

After all, you will always want your precious possessions to be stored nicely and properly so that they can retain their shine and luster. Here are a few pointers that you must remember when buying a jewelry box.


First, and most obvious is that you’ll into account is the size of the box. This not only depends on the amount of jewelry that
you own, but also on the space you have available in the place where it will be kept. A large jewelry box would be in the order of approximately 15 inches long by 10 inches wide, and will take up a considerable amount of space. Such large jewelry boxes can hold up to 30 different kinds of jewelry items. Large standing jewelry boxes are also available that can act as a dresser for lingerie and other delicate objects in addition to your jewelry. A medium jewelry box ranges anywhere between 7 inches to 11 inches in length and is ideal for holding around 20 pieces of jewelry. A smaller box is below 7 inches long, which can hold only a few pieces of jewelry. It is important that you choose a box that has room for future additions to your collection.


But choosing the right jewelry box to maintain proper storage of your jewelry isn’t only a matter of size, you also require a clutter free arrangement. Hence, interior layout is the second important factor. At the end of the day you don’t want all your jewelries to be tangled up, so choosing a jewelry box which has separate segments for storing jewelry items is important. This will provide a clutter free arrangement and you can pick up any jewelry item from the box without any hassle.


But having a good jewelry box with several compartments is a great buy but it will not be of use if it does not last long. Thus, the material for the jewelry box is also significant. Most of the jewelry boxes that are available in the market are made from medium density fiberboard. The material is known to be denser than plywood and tougher than many other similar materials, being both heavier and very durable. One caveat however is that fiberboard will permanently swell when wet, an important thing to be careful of. These boxes are available with both paper lamination and wood veneers and are available in various finishes matching the color combination of your wardrobe, and generally in a reasonable price range.


Luxury Jewelry SafeA jewelry box fitted with a lock is of course somewhat more secure than an unlocked one, keeping out the fingers of little ones and perhaps unscrupulous visitors. But if thieves enter your home while it’s unattended, a locked jewelry box will do little to secure your valuables and it’s likely that they’ll leave with your jewelry box, locked or unlocked in hand. If your collection of jewelry is highly valuable, you may consider one of the luxury jewelry safes on the market today. They combine high security function handcrafted jewelry boxes, creating a secure and orderly storage solution for your jewelry.

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