Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jewelry Adornments as Awards or Rewards

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Jewelry, as we all know, has an elaborate history.

Jewelry has been known to man since times immemorial and has represented different aspects of society at different times. Jewelry through the ages has been associated with power, prestige, and
religion and of course with style and fashion. In older times, jewelry was the status of those with wealth and riches. Later it came to be associated with fashion and style, where people wore a piece of jewelry to adorn themselves and enhance beauty. Today people wear a variety of jewelry made of various metals, sometimes as a style statement and sometimes to express their ideas and thoughts, shaping their personality.

Jewelry today has another association; that with awards and rewards. Since a piece of jewelry is a prized possession, everyone prefers owning a variety of pieces. If one can win it in the form of a reward or award then there is nothing like it. Receiving jewelry as an award adds glory, pride, prestige and honor to the act. That makes it even more special. There have been events in the past and also at present wherein jewelry has been given in the form of reward or award. In earlier days, kings impressed with a particular deed of someone would give away jewelry to them. Kings are known to have given away their jewelry items to their subordinates whenever they were elated at some news of great service. Jewelry was given to particularly gifted warriors as a mark of respect after winning a battle.

Even now large corporations reward their hardworking employees with jewelry items. A watch happens to be a popular one when it came to rewarding efficient employees. A watch is a useful piece of jewelry that can be simple, or embellished. It has practical use and also looks pretty, or handsome adorning a wrist. In Canada the Federal workers have been rewarded with gold necklaces for their performances. In fact, it is known that the government has rewarded best performing employees with Tiffany rings as well. Of course this is one of the most expensive rewards given to an employee when he or she is considered to be the best in his or her domain. So, if you are working somewhere and are not quite happy with your job, considering such rewards may help inspire yourself!

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